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The flying of our dreams

The best-selling Powered Paragliding Bible takes you from “first sight to first flight” and way beyond.

Paramotoring is the flying of our dreams, offering exceptional freedom and capability, but carries great risk to the uninformed. That is why our products were created—to offer reliable, digestible information that improves success, safety, and enjoyment.

The best-selling PPG Bible takes you from “first sight to first flight” and way beyond, helping you aviate confidently in the national airspace system while enjoying the ride.

Paramotor pilots enjoy fine control, spectacular views, and practical portability in an affordable package. Experienced pilots make it look easy, and their skill makes it so, but sword-swallowing looks easy—just shove the thing down your throat, right? You bet there’s more than meets the eye!

The PPG bible, along with the Master Series, Airspace, Risk & Reward (video) and other information available here can help you survive and prosper at this incredible trip to the skies. Plus, we’ll try to keep you entertained in the process. This is, after all, all about fun.

For experienced pilots wanting to teach, we worked with top instructors to develop the 400-page Paraglider & Paramotor Instructor Book.


Articles Organized by Chapters of the Powered Paragliding Bible and For Troubleshooting Problems.

We are all about education. Besides the book, we strive to make this website a repository of useful, reliable information for pilots starting or continuing their life aloft.

As such, we’ve provided several areas that get updated periodically, adding to what’s in the PPG Bible. Sometimes it’s detail that could be distracting when just learning. 

There are also extra chapters that cover even more material that didn’t warrant inclusion in the book.



Recent Articles

Accident analysis, events, and musings on the sport are added on a periodic basis.

2015 Doberman 19 Paramotor Paraglider For Sale

Niviuk Doberman 19 m² Slalom Glider for sale, $1200. Probably 150 hours max. Inspected June, 2019. I've been flying a 16 meter version of this wing a lot more and figure it's time to find a new owner. This wing was inspected by 4 winds about a year ago and hasn't been...

Paramotor for Sale

We're thinning the herd, taking a break from traveling the country, which I've done for nearly 20 years, and selling some of the hardware that has made it so much fun. The machine is about a 2016 model, $3500. Cold hard cash in small bills. This listing is for one of...

Traveling with a Paramotor

The ability to shipping or travel with a paramotor is one if it's greatest assets. But there are dark corners. Traveling by Airline Airline travel with paramotors is fraught with risk. Traveling by Car This is where the craft shines most brightly. There are lots of...

Essential Reading

Powered Paragliding Bible 6
(available Here)

The widely acclaimed authoritative source on powered paragliding encompasses everything from first sight to first flight. It combines knowledge and wisdom from the multiyear #1 ranked pilot in the U.S., and many of the sport’s leading instructors. More importantly, it comes from a passion to get reliable knowledge in the hands of those who want it.

Master Powered Paragliding DVDs

The Master series of videos takes a new pilot to the next level of paramotor flying. They show concisely how to master maneuvers and techniques that improve pilot skills, handle higher winds, handle more turbulence, fly more precisely and a host of others.

the most amazing way to fly ever devised

Paragliding is the simplest form of flight: no plane, no windows, minimal frame — just you in control, flying through the air.

Paramotors aren’t fast, they take a lot of effort to launch, they require an associate degree in two stroke mechanics and don’t allow you to carry much. So what’s the big deal?

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