Dell Schanze Gets ANOTHER Beach Closed

Setting the Record Straight About Powered Paragliding's Loudest, Lyingest Mouth

Go here for a LOT more on Dell Schanze, his fake "organization" (WPPGA) and his remarkable willingness to lie .

He leaves an enormous wake in his path.

I was told that Dell was in the San Diego area and local pilots were bracing for the worst. They got it. The particular area he flew, just west of a military airport, is off-limits without permission. That control tower is frequently closed which means the airspace reverts to "Class E Surface" which still requires permission by us. The stunt that got all the press was actually no big deal, gliding from a house to the beach. It's the kind of thing I've done before but not on a sensitive beach (we were in Mexico). What caused a much bigger stir was his apparent motor flying.

But the big problem is that, like most things he does, he flaunted it on YouTube. Just like the Astoria stunt where he posted the video and reveled in the attention. No doubt he is reveling now, having gotten off with merely a $1000 fine in Astory, he now takes his publicity juggernaut to Southern California. And he's gotten lots of exposure again and, like before, has left a legacy of destruction in his wake. The city of Imperial Beach has now banned paramotors, paragliders, and indeed all ultralights from any city property.

I've flown here, too. Some pictures in the PPG Bible were taken there. I got permission from approach control to use the airspace and even called the tower to verify that it was closed (it feels weird motoring THAT close to a military airport permission or not).

Here is the Channel 10 News Report

Again, we must spread the word to boycott anything to do with this travesty. Make sure to write comments in your facebook that pilots must stay away, share this page on your social media sites, point to that page in your youTube videos, post that web page on group discussion sites. Happy hunting.


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