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International Orders: No Refunds For Goods Lost In Mail

Policy for shipping outside the United States


We are very grateful for your international business!

Unfortunately, since everything goes out via the US Post Office (including International Priority), we're at their mercy. About 1 in 25 international orders gets delayed up to 6 weeks and 1 in 50 is lost even though we have proof of shipment and tracking information. Once it leaves the United States, there is frequently no tracking information.

Because of this we cannot be liable for non-delivery of international orders as long as proof of shipment is made.  There are no refunds or reshipments of such international orders. Refunds are available up until the item is shipped. So, even if you've ordered, as long as you make your refund request before the order goes to the Post Office, it can be fully refunded. Sorry for the inconvenience but we hope you can understand.

Remember, If there's air there, it should be flown in!