Paramotor Instruction & Survival (working Title)

Tools for the effective paramotor teacher. Surviving the process for students.

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This coming tool will share the wealth of instructing gleaned over the years from the community and from an application of human factors understanding that has made the airlines so much safer.

Tips and techniques will benefit instructors of all experience by sharing the cool parts of many programs. These range from being effective out in the field through scheduling and marketing.

Among other things it will provide a concise, useful, treatment of material  covered in the FAA's Fundamentals of Instruction, tips and techniques, equipment and much more.

Timely items may occasionally appear here to provide information and solicit comments.

14 chapters packed with important information that every PPG instructor should have including many illustrations and pictures. We are visual learners so this project endeavors to capitalize on that fact.

  • Effective Emergency Training
  • Effective Simulator Use
  • Must-have equipment
  • Techniques for teaching
  • Towing safely
  • Troubleshooting Student Difficulties
  • Flying Tandem for Training
  • Practical Fundamentals of Instruction


The current chapter structure for our upcoming Instructor Manual.

2015 Jeff Goin   Remember: If there's air there, it should be flown in!