25: Roots

The sport hasn’t been around for very long but, then again, in the greater scheme of humanity, neither has flying.

Our history starts with parachutes, wends through some interesting twists and lost lineages and eventually comes through paragliding. The book goes into a few offshoots including David Barish whose work predated even the earliest efforts that eventually led to commercial success.

Like archeology, new information is always being dug up and it will be placed here when we learn of it.

Powered Paragliders From the Past: Paramotor History

A look at the early machines that shaped our sport As best I can tell, the well documented 1981 flights of Mike Byrne were the first. He built the thing himself and dubbed it “paramotor.” There wasn’t anything to buy until 8 years later when Pagojet...

History of Powered Paragliding

There is a complete chapter on PPG history but it ends when powered paragliding first started in the U.S. This is an effort to both fill more detailed information and extend it. Those who have made a contribution to the sport in some significant way are included. If...