PPG Bible and Paramotor Instructor Book Samples

Here are some sample pages from our two books, starting with the Powered Paragliding Bible Table of Contents. Each update incorporates new knowledge and improved illustrations in a continuing effort to have the most accurate, digestible material on planet paramotor.

Powered Paragliding Bible:
the Ultimate Paramotor Manual & Reference

This 320 page paperback has hundreds of images and illustrations. Every update follows the mantra: more illustrations, fewer words. And clarity is king. Increasingly we’re testing illustrations, too, to see if they work at conveying an idea. Here is more on the latest edition.

Paraglider & Paramotor Instructor Book

Paramotor instruction is a surprisingly dangerous time for students. This book covers everything about the process and business of teaching in a way that primarily reduces risk but also has the most effective methods of teaching. It includes techniques from some of the sports most prolific and respected instructors from both paragliding and paramotoring.

This 400 page hardcover book is an exhaustive treatment of instruction for individual instructors or those wanting to run large schools. We spent time with many varieties of schools who have a good safety record while producing a steady stream of quality students.