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My final entry for 2007!

This trip started with work. One cool part of flying jets is how quickly you can go from one snow storm to another. Leaving Chicago we bored into the whiteout that was Denver. Then the next day we headed into the thick of Chicago's snow storm—the one supposedly beginning after our arrival. Nope, not this time. She was early. We held, got cleared in, held some more, got cleared in yet again only to have the weather really go belly up. Finally we diverted to Indianapolis and didn't make it back to Chicago for many hours. Southwest doesn't cancel flights easily, let me tell you. Fortunately, the Tampa run, late though it was, went as planned. The next day was like it should be—routine—even more important since I had a plans to PPG.

As I write this it's far too late into the night with early morning launch plans for some PPG island hopping. Pine Island airport exists solely because Wayne, the owner, wishes it. He likes to have fun--mostly flying fun. Otherwise, he would turn his little slice of pilot perfection into the gold that is (or more accurately "will be again") Florida real estate. Thanks, from all of us, Wayne!

Paul Czarnecki, the Southern Florida gent at the event reins, is a treasure of humanity. Talented, humble and wanting this sport to thrive, he left success in corporate America to bring his talents to teaching PPG. And by all measures, especially those of his successful students, succeeding he is.

It's always the people and boy do we have some interesting folks--smart in so many different ways.

I love learning. Frank let me try his Walkerjet and I learned another aspect of harness adjustment that can further make or break a students success on such a machine. That's why I so strongly recommend that new pilots buy gear from their instructor who knows how the gear works, it's pitfalls and tricks. I did my basic review tasks and may do a write up about this 2004 machine. I also learned that Walkerjet is working on a different harness system that may offer articulating arms for those who prefer that type of weight shift.

It's so enjoyable talking to poeple, too.

Some of the sport's long-time instructors are here including Eric Dufour and Chris Bowles.

Fast Facts

They've been showing movies every night with chatting around a campfire, food, beverages of all sorts and, of course, flying in the morning and afternoon. Mid-day winds drove up the bump scale so my airtime was limited to the last hour today. They've apparently done a lot of flying before although this morning was reportedly a blowfest with one pilot landing out (successfully) downwind somewhere.

Over 60 pilots registered and a number of seminars were held.

Food has been available right here on the field. That's a pleasant surprise! Thanks to Jenny for providing tasty treats in fun loving way.

1) Fish eye photo of the cockpit while cruising. 2) Brrrrr. 3) Eric Dufour. 4 & 5) Paul Czarnecki.

1) The field below. 2) The coolest looking PPC's I've yet seen. 3 & 4) Being thankful I'm on the inside. 5) Looking west flying with Paul.

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Wes goes for a quickie to try out the new "Power Pluto" wing. By this time it was getting light enough to make reverse inflations difficult.

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