It was a sad day when this easy database of paragliders,, went dark. I don’t know the story but the owner just let it die. 

At this point the best we have is an archived version of it as it was in September, 2018 which, for now at least, is available here on the “Wayback Machine,” a web archive site:

Paraglider Wing Specifications website wings home page

If anyone hears about a developer recreating the site then let us know so we can share it here. More importantly, so other developers who may be thinking about it, don’t bother.

It would SEEM to be a reasonably easy affair to scrape the data, put it into a table, then do a new website based on that. Of course the bigger question is who enters future data? Who did it before? Do you create a data entry page for wing makers? Maybe create a public wiki-style method of getting the data in there where trusted editors do it. I see hundreds of hours sinking into a project with unlikely financial returns. Hmmm. Sounds like writing a book for paraglider and paramotor instructors.