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DGAC is a certification standard with very little required testing that’s done by the manufacturer itself. There’s little, if any, oversight. If you see the label below doesn’t mean the wing is flawed or dangerous, but it also doesn’t mean that it’s been put through any significant certification testing. They don’t test for collapse or stall recovery, for example.

Jérôme Ardouin provided a translation of the DGAC label. In France, where this is used, PPGs are considered “ultra light motorized gliders.”

  • a) Mass produced is B, prototype is A
  • b) Single seat = 1, two seat = 2
  • c) Class of the aircraft: Paramotor = 1, Weight shift trike = 2, three-axis control (like airplane) = 3, Gyrocopter  = 4, Hot Air Balloon = 5, Ultralight gliders with auxiliary power = 1a – 2a – 3a, Helicopter = 6. So 1a is a paraglider with a motor, 2a is a weight shift glider (hang glider) with a motor, and 3a is a 3-axis with a motor.
  • e) order number (to identify the request number).
  • f) Targeted usage: leisure = L, special activity (including business usage) = T and E