We’re thinning the herd.

I hate to see stuff sit idle, especially since it only degrades with time, and decreases in value. We finished our last 18-month trip on the Enterprise and aren’t going out on any long trips for a while. Since it was fully equipped (an aircraft carrier), that leaves us with extra goodies, along with other accumulated goodies over the years.

So we’re selling two of our five paramotors and 4 of our 8 wings, but this is about the two paramotors.

Both motors are fairly low time Miniplane Top 80’s with the classic frame–the only one I like. One is a Ruby Red and the other is yellow. Both harnesses seem to be mediums because they’re slightly large for Tim and I. The yellow one has a right hand throttle and the red one is left.

The yellow one (shown below) was overhauled professionally in May 2019 and flown about 10 hours since then. It is our current “camera ship” that will likely be on the cover of PPG Bible 6 later in 2020. We’ve already got the photo candidate.

Both will be at the 2019 Suwanee Fly-in on Nov 9 & 10.

At present they are both flying nicely but there’s certainly no warranty. Remember how you can tell when your paramotor is about to quit? It’s running.

The camera pole, emergency flotation, and speed system are NOT included. Safety hoops, as installed, ARE included. The yellow machine has the lightweight buckles that should never be used if water immersion is a possibility since they’d be harder to undo quickly, especially if there’s any tension. 

The red machine is still on the Enterprise and will be posted (unless it sells this weekend) after flying it.

Flying with Marty Hathaway on the yellow machine, our “camera ship,” near Lakeland, FL