The real measure of paramotor power: how hard does it push. Understanding Paramotor Suspension (Harness) Systems

Thrust testing numbers are always relative and should only be compared when the testing was done at the same time on the same tester. Those are the only results we will include here on footflyer.

Besides the elevation/temperature/humidity, there is a large variation between the same model motors and props.  For example, two identical motors, right out of the factory and spinning the same prop (take it off one, bolt it on the other motor) may vary by 5%. The same is true of props. Two props from the same manufacturer, with the same pitch/length and the same material can vary in thrust by 3 to 5%. So take all thrust tests with a healthy dose of salt but they are still valuable as single datapoints.

These tests were done the evening of Feb 16, 2008, by Jeff Hamann on a non-calibrated tester near San Diego, CA. Thanks to Jeff for sharing.

Model Motor Weight Prop Thrust
SkyCruiser HE80 59 46″ wood 95
      48″ MAH 98
ZG Cruiser Evo 100 59 wood 102
BH Special Snap 50.5 MAH 108
BH Black Devil 62 HT 4822 125
      DB4821 135
Fresh Breeze? Solo 210 ? 48 28 wood 105
      45 MAH 105
BH MZ100 60.5 HF4825 102