Just a quick note about a solid Beginner wing that I tried last  month. Jaro Krupa brought a Pegas Aile 24 for demo at our local haunt and I took it up for a few flights. There are sooo many choices of good wings now that it’s frequently hard to differentiate within a class, especially after only a few flights or without gathering any empirical data.

The Aile is a good solid beginner model with free flight risers (no trimmers). For motoring you would definitely want the optional trimmer-equipped motor risers.

Handling (5): Handling was normal for a beginner wing, heavy enough that new pilots won’t easily get into trouble but light enough to enjoy. It doesn’t dive into a turn as much as some hotter beginner models but more than the most benign models (such as the Prima and Atlas).

Inflation (-): I probably did about 4 inflations in light wind�all reverses. I would call it typical. Nothing untoward and very predictable.

Kiting (4): Kiting was standard for a high aspect ratio, high performance, non-reflex wing. I did very little kiting with a harness and nothing in high winds.

Efficiency (5): It seemed appropriate for a beginner wing, probably in the middle of the pack. But, with no sink rate tests, I’ve got nothing empirical.

Speed (-): I didn’t take the GPS with me nor did I try the speedbar which wasn’t hooked up during my flights. There were no trimmers on this stock model and I only flew briefly with another pilot (on a Pluto) and it kept up fine.

Certification & Safety (6): This was certified EN B which means its intended as a beginner wing for those willing to take on a bit more performance. Handling and inflation would be appropriate for beginners. Most significantly the B rating, Like the DHV’s more familiar 1-2 rating, means that recovery from various maladies should be reasonably rapid.

I didn’t get to try it with speedbar or doing cloverleafs and so I can’t comment on how it will handle flying through its own wake while fully accelerated.

As with almost all motor wings, they’re not put through the full test in fast trim so, buying it with motor risers (make sure to ask) and using any other trim besides neutral takes it out of certification.

Construction: It seems well built with standard risers.

Warrantee: No information here.

Overall: It seems like a fine choice for a beginner wing.

Be careful and enjoy.