Niviuk Doberman 19 m² Slalom Glider for sale, $1200. Probably 150 hours max. Inspected June, 2019.

I’ve been flying a 16 meter version of this wing a lot more and figure it’s time to find a new owner. This wing was inspected by 4 winds about a year ago and hasn’t been flown since. It was only ever flown to church and back by an old man on Sunday mornings.

Seriously, it wasn’t ever ridden that hard because I was out of competition by this time and I’m too chicken for anything more than brief 3-g wingover. This was intended for competition but the speedbar turned out to be too sensitive at full speed so it would not be recommended. But it is a full-on competition wing. ALL that means is that it has a big speed range that’s available at your feet using its PK system, and is highly efficient.

In no-wind conditions it inflation like a you would expect of a high-aspect competition wing. It’s not a beginner wing!

If you agree to never use the PK system or speedbar, or you acknowledge that using them is particularly risky, I’d love to find this pup a new home.