Have you ever wondered what it would be like to launch from a putting green? This fly-in is your answer.

Owner Mac Hodges made his mark in Radio Controlville with one of the world’s largest hobby shops and flight parks. As one R/Cer put it, where else could you buy the plane, walk out to fly the plane, crash the plane, then go in a buy replacement parts. Perfect. Now at 74 he finds himself retired from that business and enjoying life flying IN the planes. Bigger ones, of course. More importantly to us, he’s willing to share his incredible field with others.

The Bad Apples are a group of guys who, before this, made a point to only ATTEND fly-ins. When Mac Hodges offered up his slice of paradise, that changed. Tim Gaskins and company (LOTS of company) put this together to give back to a community they’ve enjoyed. Give back indeed.

Below are a few highlights.

Losing my Voice

For a long time, after an event full of talking over loud motors, shouting across distances, and just plane talking a lot, it would take a toll on my voice. There’s so many fun, interesting people–a target rich environment. I’d leave raspy and weak.

Lately, it’s been getting worse, and this was the worst I can remember. While flying back in the Bonanza, talking to controllers took a fair amount of effort, and they still probably thought I was sick. So I’m getting it checked out at an Otolaryngologist. If they tell me to be quiet for 3 days I don’t know what I’ll do. Tim may be jumping up and down for joy, though! I’ve also had mild allergic reactions which could easily be the cause but, like a still-green but increasing oil temperature indication, I’d rather get it checked out.