If you’ve searched for Powered Paragliding on the internet you have, no doubt, come across Dell Schanze, who has made it his mission to inundate YouTube with incessant videos making ridiculously grandiose claims and spewing complete fabrications. Even more amazingly, he is promoting a fake “organization” in an effort to sell his particular brand of paramotor which, not surprisingly, is the only one that passes his own made-up “certification” standards. He arrogantly proclaims to be world champion at this and that but it’s all a remarkable lie. The only time he competed in a sanctioned competition against other real pilots he was beat.

In all my years I have never experienced any human, in any capacity, that is so willing to lie — to say anything completely oblivious to the truth and frequently verifiably so. People fall for it because they are simply not prepared for someone lying to them with so much conviction.

Not only does he have no concern whatsoever for truth, but he’s willing to say ANYTHING to sell his gear. It is remarkable and, sadly, people do occasionally fall for it.

You’d think that when someone notices only one paramotor is ostensibly “certified” that they’d raise an eyebrow. Most do. But every now and then, someone actually buys into it. In my opinion, and that of many others, supporting this man is no less than supporting a criminal. Shame on U-Turn, shame on Vitorazzi and anyone else who supplies him or buys from him.

Imagine if it were the world of cars and Chevy created an “organization” that ostensibly certified cars for safety and, not surprisingly, only Chevy’s pass their tests. Most people would be embarrassed to own a Chevy and very good reason–its an insult to their intelligence.

I and a few others are lightning rods for Dell’s tirades because we’re willing to call him out despite his vitriolic response. But many aren’t willing to endure. The graphic below is a good example. It was produced by a professional designer who sent it to me with the request that his name not be used. He is, thankfully, a new pilot who recognized, early on, Dell’s caustic influence on our tiny sport and wanted to help. You’ll find his anonymity request quite telling.

“I have seen the slander that Dell can produce when he fixates his hatred on something or someone, and I would like to keep me and my family out of it”

There’s a lot more to the web of deceit spun by Dell but this touches many highlights.

Jeff Goin