Jeff goin just before launching a paramotor from his driveway. The life jacket is because climbout is over a lake.

About the sport, about the author, about his partner Tim Kaiser, about critical thinking, about airline flying and so on.

Of course the whole website is about something but this is a quick summary of the overall endeavor and the people who bring you FootFlyer.

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Comments About the Powered Paragliding Bible

Now, four years since my first flight, I have discovered a new appreciation of your work and truly admire the wonderful book you have given to us and the many others yet to follow. Words can’t describe the respect I have for the body of work you have laid down....

About the Author: Jeff Goin

The long and winding road to writing a book Ever since I’ve been able, I’ve enjoyed finding solutions to problems rather than just complaining about them. If something had room for improvement, I would rather suggest or build the solution than whine about its...

About Powered Paragliding (PPG FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about paramotor flying Click here on Educational for much more Ten minutes after putting your car in park, everything is ready. It’s just you perfect air, at the perfect place, ready to fly. Lay it out, ready yourself, throttle up, and...

Another Reason to Love Powered Paragliding

So you want to fly, not ride in a tube? You want to be free, not tethered to an airport? You want to control, not be a passenger. You want to really fly! From sandy beaches to desert reaches, this craft can take you places never imagined, places whose beauty only...

About: the Fleet

Boeing 737 The baby Boeing is surprisingly a lot of fun to fly, especially when it’s lightly loaded. More nimble than you’d expect, its roll control is crisp and, although artificial, its feel is well balanced. Once you get used to the speeds and the...

Jeff Goin’s Competition Bio

Brief flight history: I started flying gliders at age 13, soloed at 14, got my private license at 17, commercial license at 20, airline transport rating at 26 when I became captain on a commuter airline and got hired by Southwest Airlines in 1993, becoming a captain 4...