The best place to get events is on the USPPA calendar. Anyone who has an event that’s open to the public will be listed there. If it’s not there, you may still be able to attend an event but the organizer did not want it advertised.

We’ll list events here that that we are highly likely to attend.

Click here for the USPPA Calendar

2019 Bad Apples Fly-In

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to launch from a putting green? This fly-in is your answer. Owner Mac Hodges made his mark in Radio Controlville with one of the world’s largest hobby shops and flight parks. As one R/Cer put it, where else could you...

Paramotor Calendar of Events

See where powered paragliding pilots are gathering (updated automatically from USPPA) Here are the events as listed on USPPA’s calendar. This is the most complete listing since any U.S. (os occasional international) event, open to the public that welcomes...

Sun-n-Fun 2019

Sun & Fun is over, and it was an eventful, fun time. This may be the first year I got a briefing early on in the process but didn’t fly at all. In fact the only time I flew during Sun and Fun was to do a demo at our house when a bunch of people came over....