For Sale

Judson Graham flying near Kermit Weeks’ Fantasy of Flight

Besides extracting some value from goodies I’m not using, I don’t like waste. How many times have you seen a boat or airplane become derelict? How many people have wings or motors in their garages that are doing nothing but decaying? Not only is that a loss to their owner, but someone is missing an opportunity to use that stuff.

I’ll do my best to represent products accurately so there are no unintended surprises. I’m not perfect, of course. Reality keeps me honest.

Paraglider Wings For Sale

1998 Apco Santana 28, $300 This was my first wing. Likely would not pass inspection on the red-colored fabric. Think “kiting only”. I did soar a ridge with in the last year but that’s because I wasn’t doing anything high G and didn’t fly...

2015 Doberman 19 Paramotor Paraglider For Sale

Niviuk Doberman 19 m² Slalom Glider for sale, $1200. Probably 150 hours max. Inspected June, 2019. I’ve been flying a 16 meter version of this wing a lot more and figure it’s time to find a new owner. This wing was inspected by 4 winds about a year ago and...

Miniplane Top 80 Paramotor for Sale (PPG Bible Motor)

We’re downsizing our fleet of Miniplanes. 2016 ABM Miniplane Top 80 Paramotor For Sale. We’ve got 2 of these for sale including the one that’s on the cover of PPG Bible 6.  Yellow, swing-arm frame ABM and med or small harness. Good for pilot up to...