17: Challenging Sites

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The fact that we can launch from such a wide variety of sites is impressive, but some sites, under some conditions, and some skill levels would be dangerous to try. The tools in this chapter will help manage some of those challenges and, more importantly, recognize when to skip unsuitable locations.

Spot Landing Risks

What a useful skill it is to be able to land where you want without power. Pilots of all craft recognize the importance being able to put it down after thrust stops thrusting. We PPGers are lucky in just how small of a place we can alight, even landing on tiny targets...

Crosswind Takeoff

Your site is a driveway. It’s long, there are no obstructions except line snagging beans to your left and right. But it’s crosswind. What to do? This situation has come up in my flying a lot, especially since I deplore taking off over water at beaches. If...