Reviews: Electric Paramotors

The Latest Happenings in the World of Electrics

It’s frustrating that so little seems to be happening on the electric front in some ways but, at the same time, smaller efforts seem to be reaping rewards. Lately, I’ve seen three new electrics come on the scene including two drive trains that for sale. These will wind up on but I thought them newsworthy for FootFlyer, too. Yuneec is still actively working on their goodies and will hopefully make their target of having something commercially available. Fresh Breeze has a commercial unit that, unfortunately, hasn’t arrived on U.S. shores yet.

While I’m not the early adopter type, I can’t wait to see electrics become commonplace. It may not be a primary motor, and it may not be cheap, but that will eventually change. Kudos to early adopters: if it weren’t for them, the rest of us would have to wait a lot longer for the coolest innovations.

2010 FlyTec E-Drive

2019 Note: This unit is no longer under development at least by this name. They’re not allowed to fly paramotors in Switzerland. And now that I’ve been there, it’s almost (not quite, but almost) understandable. A noisy motor would reverberate through...