Reviews: Safety Gear

What a bummer to get maimed because some simple device was skipped. Rescue systems are now available from both the air and the water and, given the known lethality of water, that’s cool.

There are now several auto-inflation devices and drowning by paramotor has been dramatically reduced. Good job pilots.

I put one of these to a realistic test (see the results here) and it passed with floating colors. Don’t bet your life on it any more than you would any other single mechanical device but it could easily save your bacon and gear if the unexpected water landing occurs.

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Reserve (Rescue) Parachute

See more on Reserves, including repack video.

Fortunately I’ve never needed to use a reserve parachute but there have been times I was glad to have it, and times I wish I did. More than other safety devices, a reserve also adds risk. There is the possibility of an accidental opening which could be catastrophic if it sets you down somewhere you don’t want to go. Historically that has proven rare, and saves are more common than accidental deployments by about 5 to 1. But you must know what you’re doing, how to mount it and how to deploy it. A good instructor familiar with your model is best bet and the Powered Paragliding Bible also has good coverage of the topic. Here is information on choosing a reserve.

Agama Water System Reset

After manual or automatic activation you must replace 3 parts, the bobbin, indicator tab and CO2 cartridge. The bobbin, which contains some type of paper, has a 3 year shelf life. You’re not allowed to carry CO2 cartridges on airliners so, if you travel, the...

Review: Agama Water Rescue System

Don’t be fooled—ditching with a paramotor can be fatal. Success stories may lead some to think it’s trivial but it’s not—about 1 in 30 pilot’s have died after going in, including one who made it out his paramotor only to die while swimming to...