One of the more common paramotor crashes happens because of torque twist. At least one has been fatal. So what to do?

First and foremost practice what to do if it starts:

  • Reduce power,
  • reduce brakes. It’s better to land straight ahead or with minor turns than it is to crash on your side at full power. That’s expensive at best. Don’t just let off the gas completely, back off to about half of what you have now then adjust.
  • Steer

Prevention rocks here: make sure your machine is adjusted to minimize all twisting effects. Find an instructor or experienced pilot who understands these concepts and implement the suggestions.

On Launch

If your motor tends to twist your body left, try to make sure the wing is slightly left at liftoff. That reduces the additive effect Loaded Riser Twist which causes a slight twisting force opposite to the wing at liftoff.

Good luck and don’t become a twisted sister.