It turns out that paramotors and skittish prey don’t mix.

Given that hunters gravitate to the same times of day as we do and frequently at the same times, it might be good to learn where they’re likely to be. Bullets fly. We fly. We’d rather not meet so this could be quite beneficial. To date, I know of nobody getting violent but there are anecdotes that include holes in wings.

Pilots have had nasty confrontations about what turned out to be hunting grounds. Needless to say, if you have any evidence of getting shot at, that’s attempted murder and the offender should go to Prison. Do everything you safely can to achieve that but, in the meantime, don’t go looking for a confrontation.

Yes, you may indeed have a right to the airspace but that property is owned by someone. It’s possible he’s someone who could be friendly to paramotorists unless he’s turned off by an angry rent-paying hunter. These people may be paying high dollar for their few days in the “blind” so they may be easily provoked. Be reasonable.

Marty Hathaway in Florida offered up this website for locals but other states will have something similar. It might be a good idea to learn more about where and when these guys will be.

Be careful, not every hunter follows these dates to the T.

Happy height hunting.