This was the year of the upgrade: I sold Enterprise A, a 1995 Rialta and bought a 2004 Gulfstream BT Cruiser to become Enterprise B. There was no doubting I liked the lifestyle and figured it was time for more room and more reliability. The BT Cruiser, at 27 feet, is still small by today’s motorhome standards but is dramatically more room compared to the Rialta. Of course that entails a trade–no more drive-through’s, for example.

Tim Kaiser and I took the new BT Cruiser on a short shakedown cruise North of Chicago and managed to get in a fair amount of flying. Ahhhh it’s nice having a full sized refrigerator and a shower I don’t have to pull out of the wall.

The BT also has a lot more power, scoffing at anything that Illinois can present and even making good time climbing the mountain mommas of Colorado. Of course I pay for that at the pump. She don’t like passing up a gas station and it’s an expensive stop.

Overall it’s been a most welcome upgrade and I hope for many more years of enjoyment.