Tim Kaiser by paramotor on Enterprise B with high wing airplane in background

The Enterprise started the year staying in San Diego with occasional trips up and down the coast, including a couple to Mexico.

This was the first year I didn’t drive her back home. Rather she stayed in San Diego for the winter with a tour up California, over through Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City, and finally to Albuquerque until November.

The plan is to have the Enterprise stay in Albuquerque until the end of November. While its there, I’ll fly “Bubba” (a Beechcraft Bonanza, pictured right) out to Albuquerque and leave it parked there so as to cruise around the new area from a higher and much faster perspective. I’ve never done that with the airplane so it will offer new opportunities.

In December the Enterprise heads to Phoenix and so too will Bubba. stays there for the fall, heading for Phoenix by December. Normally the airplane gets very little use since it sits in the arctic Chicago winter and I don’t do cold. This way, hopefully I’ll get to enjoy it a bit more.

Getting stuck in Albuquerque proved to be an adventure on its own right when I landed in the midst of a Category 5 Nuclear Snowstorm. Escape from Albuquerque is the first entry in 2007’s log.

Winter 2006/2007 promises to be the year of multiflight!