1998 Apco Santana 28, $300

This was my first wing. Likely would not pass inspection on the red-colored fabric. Think “kiting only”. I did soar a ridge with in the last year but that’s because I wasn’t doing anything high G and didn’t fly higher than I was willing to fall. Plus, she’s always been sluggish in no-wind inflations.

I’ve been hanging onto it mostly for nostalgia but want to cull the growing herd.

2015 Nivium Doberman 18, 1st Edition, $800

LOVE the way this flies. Inspected in 2019 by Four Winds (deemed airworthy after some minor repairs and adjustments) and flown only once since then. This is an all-up competition wing that is ONLY appropriate for experienced pilots. Truly zero wind inflation requires skill to do consistently but, like most wings, only 1 mph makes a huge difference. It should *NOT* be flown on speedbar.

If you’re an experienced pilot who has flown high aspect ratio wings, are willing to forego speedbar use, are reasonably adept at near zero wind launches, you’ll absolutely LOVE the way it flies and how efficient it is. That’s why I bought it and enjoyed it for years. I’m now flying a Doberman 16 or Viper 4 18 so I don’t need this one.

It probably has 150 hours on it. I was done competing by the time I bought it and never even used the PK system at full speed. Plus there have been several big deflations on full bar which is why you should NOT use the speedbar.

Here’s some archived information from FlyBubble since Niviuk doesn’t seem to have old gliders on their site. 

2012 Ozone Viper 18, version 1, $500

This was my first true competition wing. At the time I bought it, the speed range was better than any wing I’d flown previously. This probably has 300 hours on it so I would limit it to kiting only unless you get it inspected. 

It has separate tip steering toggles and finger brake toggles which I liked, but not enough to put on my other wings.