Yellow Miniplane at Winter Haven airport, tied down as a joke.

We’re thinning the herd, taking a break from traveling the country, which I’ve done for nearly 20 years, and selling some of the hardware that has made it so much fun. The machine is about a 2016 model, $3500. Cold hard cash in small bills.

Powered Paragliding Bible 6: The Ultimate Paramotor Manual and Reference

This listing is for one of our five paramotors. It’s the one on the cover of PPG Bible 6.

It’s a classic frame—the only one I like—with a medium harness and a right-hand throttle.

It was overhauled professionally in May 2019 and flown about 20 hours since then. It served as our “camera ship” while working on PPG Bible 6 and magazine articles.

It comes with a warranty that extends to the end of the driveway. It’s running great right now but, like every paramotor, could cough up a hairball tomorrow. Remember how you can tell when your paramotor is about to quit? It’s running.

I’ll be happy to demo fly it for you, and will certainly run it up and let you start it from on your back. It last flew on a 1.5 hour cross-country from home to a nearby airport and back on Aug 10th, 2020, and has most recently been running a diet of ethynol-free gas mixed with Amzoil. Yes, I finally joined a denomination of the oil AND the gas religions but am not dogmatic, so if you use Yamalube or whatever, I’ll still love you.

The camera pole, emergency flotation, and speed system are NOT included. Safety hoops, as installed, ARE included. It has the lightweight buckles that should never be used if water immersion is a possibility since they’d be harder to undo quickly, especially if there’s any tension.

You’ve got to sign a liability release that acknowledges the dangers, that you could get maimed and die a horrible death, and that your corpse… Sorry, I got carried away. You get the idea.

No shipping. You’ve got to come get it or pay someone to pack it up. I’m now far too lazy for all that.

If interested, contact us through the Footflyer “Contact” page.

Flying with Marty Hathaway on the yellow machine, our “camera ship,” near Lakeland, FL