Click on the chapter to see related articles in order of Chapter like the book. Additional material not in the book is in Section VII.

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Section I: First Flight

Chapters 01-06 covers what to expect when first getting into the sport. A quick overview of the gear, what to look for in schools, and what you need to know for that first flight.

01 Training Process

02 Gearing Up

03 Handling the Wing

04 Prep For 1st Flight

05 The Flight

06 Flying With Wheels 

Section II: Spreading Wings

Once you set out on your own, this knowledge will help keep you safe and welcome in the national airspace system. Plus it helps expand into other areas such as formation flying, cross country and, most importantly, maintaining your gear.

07 Weather Basics

08 The Law

09 Airspace   

10 Flying Anywhere

11 Controlled Airports

12 Setup & Mx

13 Flying Cross Country

14 Flying With Others

Section III: Mastery

Many pilots like to advance beyond basic flying around. Section III helps while pointing the various risks that you face. You’ll also learn about competition and free flight. It’s especially useful for those transitioning from free flight to motors.

15 Adv Ground Handling

16 Precision Flying

17 Challenging Sites

18 Advanced Maneuvers

19 Risk Management

20 Competition

21 Free Flight Transition

Section IV: Theory

You’ll fly even without understanding aerodynamics but it helps. Same goes for the more thorough treatment of weather and motor dynamics. The history chapter is just plain interesting.

22 Aerodynamics

23 Motor & Propeller

24 Weather & Wind

25 Roots & Demographics

Section V: Choosing Gear

After learning to fly, pilots sometimes want to buy different gear. These chapters help make informed decisions, including what to buy for home building.

26 The Wing

27 The Motor Unit

28 Accessories

29 Home Building

Section VI:
Getting the Most out of Paramotor

The uses can be surprising! It won’t make a good airliner but there are actually some cool things it has been used for.

30 Other Uses

31 Traveling with Gear

32 Photography

Section VII: Extras

Chapters 33 and beyond are only on These are areas that didn’t quite warrant making it into the book. Bigger isn’t better; it’s just bigger. In this case it would just become unwieldy.

33 Organizing Fly-Ins

34 Places To Fly

35 Preserving the Sport

36 Tandem

37 Maximizing Fun