Master Powered Paragliding Series


Master ground handling, launching, inflight precision and landing with the help of this highly acclaimed series. It takes a pilot who already has the basics down through truly mastering his craft. For anyone who wants to launch anytime, handle the wing with finesse and in a variety of conditions, master fine control, or land precisely, and do these things reliably, this is for you!

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Video 1: Advanced Ground Handling

Delve into the foundation of successful launching—ground handling. Learn many finer points of inflation, kiting in light winds, kiting in strong winds, using different techniques, different wings, harness varieties, what to practice, where to practice and more. From climbing up walls to finessing a reverse out of light wind, we’ll show specifics, breaking down the actions in easily understood segments. Animation and graphics make the concepts crystal clear. It covers a lot in its 1:41 minute run time — have your pause button ready.

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Video 2: Advanced Launching

This is the most thorough training tool for advanced paramotor launching ever compiled. Using a combination of live action and animation, it is a comprehensive tutorial to help pilots, who have already learned the basics, launch like their life depends on it. It shows various techniques to improve success in many different situations.

92 minutes of live action with graphics and animation to clear up some surprisingly prevalent misunderstandings. Packed exposés on launching in no wind, high wind, confined areas, roads, crosswinds, finesse in all situations, high level launching around obstructions, wheels, tandems, how to configure your machine and much more.

These tips will help you nail a launch when it just has to work!

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Video 3: Inflight Precision

Join some of the world’s best pilots as they expose their secrets along with animations to make the concepts crystal clear.

It’s also the most fun with gorgeous flying from all over the world. At 1:55 running time this has been the most ambitious project of the series due to the sheer volume of material covered. Starting with the basics of precision flying it will show how to fly precisely, within inches of your desired flight path, how to turn precisely and with finesse, how perform steep maneuvers in style, how to best handle turbulence then, just for fun, covers competition, foot dragging, formation flying and much more.

There’s more than meets the eye for super accurate control of flight path. Height, speed, rolling out of steep turns precisely while managing energy start out the expose. Then following a set ground track, foot dragging, handling turbulence, and competition are covered in detail along with many others.

3-D animation and other graphics combine with frequently beautiful flying scenes to crystallize understanding of certain core principles. Even for non-competitors, there is a lot to learn from the competition section which includes how to fly a world record cloverleaf, with animation that clearly shows how it’s done–from power management to ground track and speed control. We’ll show how world champion Mathieu Roanet pulls off his amazing times and fly with U.S. Champion Eric Dufour and English Champion Michel Carnet, watching from the pilot’s perspective as animation details what they’re doing. We explain the important concepts and show how to put them to work.

This is also the most fun to watch. Flying scenes from all over the world are included in a few places that celebrate the incredible freedom that precise flight gives us.

Video 4: Advanced Landing

We explain how to handle engine-out landings in many situations that involve different glide decisions with variations of winds and terrain.

As with the rest of the series, we use a combination of live action, 3D animations, 2D animations, and other graphics to clarify exactly how the techniques work. Everything from nailing one-step spot landings to the graceful slider arrivals that make you look like a pro.

You’ll especially enjoy an opening landing by Bruce Erion who re-defines the “Land and Stop” — not necessarily a technique to employ often but it will sure be an attention getter.

There’s nothing like a perfect swoop landing to top off a flight. We expose the science behind it through animation then show various techniques to pull it off in practice. We’ll cover how to land in no wind, stronger wind, confined areas, how to land and stop, land over obstacles, do slider landings and much more.

Animation plays a big part here by clarifying the essential elements of flight path control. We also reveal the extreme risks of spot landings and how to reduce them.

This is not a “show-off” video. Techniques are broken down with close-ups, graphics, animation, narrated explanations, and slow motion first to show precisely what to do, how much to do it, what timing is involved, and how to react. Shots are further dissected as we reveal the techniques in action.

Various methods are shown in action along with how they’re beneficial.

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