Spanish Powered Paragliding Bible

by Jeff Goin, Translation by Pedro Chapa, Published by Perfils, 3 Lbs, 7 oz.
8″ x 11 5/8″, 400 pages, full color, 
hardcover, in Spanish including illustrations.



The complete Powered Paragliding Bible translated to Spanish by native Spanish speaking editors. Same great content and graphics presented in Spanish, through a beautifully produced, hardcover volume that includes extra content to help those in other countries, especially Spain since it includes their airspace information and even charts.

It is packed dense with the same graphics but also has additional photographs and graphics that further improve the content.

If does have advertisements but, at 400 pages, these do not affect the content whatsoever nor did they influence the actual text in any way.

It is a beautifully bound hardcover with a dust jacket and inlaid front graphics.

This title is available directly from Perfils.You can also contact Mario at Perfils Publishing directly for shipping/sale opportunities bulk.

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