This topic gets so politicized that it’s hard to discuss intelligently with some people. Don’t be those people. Listen. Think. Consider.

Good arguments can be made for the responsible carrying of firearms. If I was in a mall when some lunatic came in shooting, I’d feel better knowing that legally armed, law abiding citizens, who have passed concealed-carry training, might be around. Further, I suspect that any bad guys who knew such people were around may think twice about doing their violent deeds. That’s good.

No, I’m not a gun-toting NRA member but it just seems reasonable. I’ve never seen the logic of preventing law-abiding citizens from being able to defend themselves or others around them.

Be sensible, too. Require a license, require competency testing and passing a course, even require passing a psychological evaluation, but then allow willing participants to carry. Make sure they know their limits and what’s at stake if they ever intervene in a situation. Cops can’t be everywhere.