Sport Link Communications is for sale.

They make headsets, radio helmets and related accessories, design, manufacture, and distribute/sell to the General and Sport aviation community, directly, thru dealers and distributors, world-wide.

Products include Aviation/off-road/marine communications equipment: High noise headsets, high noise intercoms, helmets with integrated headsets, helmets that work with most Aviation headsets, full face comm helmets for higher speed open cockpits, system packages of multiple helmets with an intercom, microphones, cabling systems, antennas, other accessories, Service our equipment and other manufacturer’s

Owner Doug Fetters is retiring and is offering up the business for sale.

The buyer would be getting: inventory, tooling, drawings, setup Quick Books ready to continue with full database, sales materials, and training. They will offer training in the business and manufacturing processes for about 3 days and telephone support for about 6 months (limited to about 1 hour a weekday).

The desire is to sell within 60 days.

If you’re interested, please contact Doug Fetters at 574.584.6612.