We’re reminded again how fleeting life is. And how some people make it so much better. And how we can take them for granted.

Powered Paragliding lost one of its great contributors, Scott Adair, to a gyrocopter crash April 29th in Valkaria, FL. Our hearts go out to his family and those who were close to him. I’ve shared many, many hours with this man and can think of only a few people this considerate, giving, and full of life. His smile and enthusiasm will be sorely missed by his close family, friends, by me, by many, many others, and by the entire sport of powered paragliding. We all have give and take in life but Scott weighed heavy on the giving side.

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The Risks We Take

When tragedy strikes so close to home it gives pause to what we do. It Should. Even though this accident was in a Gyrocopter, it still reminds us what’s at stake. What we do is about 10 times more risky than driving in a car and 3,000 people die in their cars every month! Flying with others, even one or two others, adds risk; doing competition adds risk, flying in questionable weather, and so on.

Obviously I’m not saying we should stop, but maybe think about whether or not a particular risk is worth it. I fly hang glider trikes, helicopters and airplanes. They all appear to be about the same so I recognize that I’m more likely than others to meet an untimely end. For the record, it’s been a great run, and I hope to have many, many more years but, lets face it, I’m damned exposed.

Another thing is the good friends I’ve had in this sport that are no longer with us. Scott Adair (gyro), Alan Chuculate (hang glider trike), Dave Robicheaux (ppg), Bob Armond (hang glider trike), Mike Rish (ppg), Wally Shilts (ppg) and others that I didn’t know as well.