Even when this review was done the Solo was a dated powerplant. It started life as an agricultural pump engine and by 2005 was used on more paramotors than any other. It’s older technology does not give huge thrust but it was enough for our application and heralded a lighter weight machine, becoming very popular in the late 90’s.

Solo 210 with tuned exhaust

The stock box muffler model would yield about 95 pounds of thrust but, with a tuned pipe and 48″ prop it would get up to about 110 pounds of thrust.

Some models came with an automatic decompressor that replaced the internal hole. Those with only the internal hole required cleaning the hole about every 10 to 15 hours.

This motor has been used on more frames than any other engine that I am aware of. Nearly every manufacturer has, at one point, had the Solo 210 as an option. As late as April 2007 it was only being offered on a few Fresh Breeze models with their improved head.