This elegant clutched motor has only slightly more thrust than the Top 80 but is easier to work on in most regards. The tradeoff is that it’s heavier, by maybe 3 pounds. Instructors seem to have slightly better results with maintenance issues.

It behaves much like the Top 80, with good response.

The starter is much easier to replace parts on, especially the cord. The fan is also much easier to get to.

Maintenance Notes:

1. In 2007 parts came from for units mounted on Fresh Breeze and from for all others.

2. Some of them have a problem with the prop falling off. Like on Top 80’s, the prop flange is held onto its spline with one small screw. That’s not a weakness because the prop is nearly always pushing against the engine. But when you throttle off, the prop continues to windmill and will fall off if the center bolt comes off. Carry a spare center bolt.