This motor was based on the RDM 100 and so shares most of the same characteristics. My experience is that it has slightly less thrust although that was from some time ago (2003) and the motor has enjoyed numerous improvements over time.

Specs: by Compact Radial Engines, 98cc, weight=31 lbs, 106 lbs thrust, WG-32 carb., Clutch with belt redrive, fan forced-air cooled with shroud,

Like all small displacement motors, it gets its thrust at high rpm, near 10,000.

In 2007 this motor was used on the Paratoys Blackhawks and Paracruisers, among others. I’ve flown them on both frames and the motor had decent power with good throttle response. They didn’t seem to have quite the thrust of RDM 100’s that I’ve flown but have consistently more than the Snap 100.

I seems to suffer a bit more mechanical headaches than average.