MacPara has a reputation for making gliders for motoring so it’s fitting that jumped into a more standard Reflex model with the MacJet. Unfortunately I didn’t have a GPS so I couldn’t do speed tests. I’ve ordered a Garmin Foretrex 401 that should help solve the problem and be able to always do speed tests on wings.

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Handling: With trimmers in handling is very good. At fast trim the handling is noticeably stiffer, as you would expect, but a bit more responsive than average for a reflex wing. Don’t use the brakes at fast trim, though, I did so intentionally while maneuvering to see how it behaved and took significant collapses. They really mean it when they say it’s better to use the tip steering instead of brakes.

The Tip steering works extremely well — as good as the Dudek Plasma which puts it among the most effective of the tip steering systems out there.

Nice dive behavior, too. I really like wings that can dive easily. You can always turn flat by using opposite brake but some wings aren’t as inclined to yaw into the turn which helps. It’s part of the reason why the Spice is my favorite handling wing.

Inflation: Inflation was good, a bit easier than average for a reflex wing.

Risers: I didn’t get a chance to note details about the risers beyond them being a pretty typical 4-riser set.

Efficiency: Seems good. I had good energy in the flare but would love to get sink rate measurements.

Speed (-): No GPS but this seemed like a pretty full reflex wing and likely has decent performance.

Construction (-): Typical MacPara lightweight which is part of why the inflation tend to be brisk in nil wind.

Certification & Safety (-): Not certified and pay close attention to the manual! Like many reflex gliders there are some things you really don’t want to do. In turbulence, with the trimmers fast, they really are more collapse resistant but you must only be using the tip steering since brake use is destabilizing while trimmed fast.

Overall (-): Quite satisfying for the experienced pilot who wants to go fast on a motor and enjoys good handling.