2010 Nirvana Katana

At the time I flew this wing, first in Feb of this year then again in May at Beach Blast, I said it would be my next purchase if I bought another wing on those days. My only trepidation was how easily I could get myself in trouble with it, given the incredibly dynamic handling. A wing like this won’t coddle well to overcontrol or even minor inattention.

Please see also Flying Small Wings.

Who it’s For: This wing is for  PPG 3 level pilots who don’t mind flying fast and are up to very high control response. They’ll love this ride.

Handling: Trim in or out doesn’t really matter��it rocks. Of course it’s a bit stiffer with the trim out but then why bother with trims when you’re already going this fast. At 16 m� (13.8 projected It’s akin to a speed flying wing and that is much of why the handling is so good. You don’t so much turn this thing as you do roll it. But it does yaw nicely into a dive which, for someone who likes to dive into a turn, you’ll love this.

It’s not a Reflex wing so the handling is good all around trimmed slow or fast meaning there’s no need for tip steering when going fast.

Inflation: Is there a wing there? It comes up quickly but you better get moving quickly or she’ll fall back. Movement isn’t hard since the wing gives so little resistance. In no wind you’ll be putting the little legs to work and be ready for LOTS of brakes to get airborne.

Risers: (-): 4 riser system with trimmers and speedbar. As if you’ll need either.

Efficiency: Both flights were just quick tear-it-up rides that didn’t leave time to do any measurements. But it was surprisingly efficient given the diminutive area. One flight was on my Miniplane with a Top 80 motor and I had pleny of climb. Flare left me with plenty of energy for a slide.

Speed: You go baby! Don’t bother flying this with your friends. You’ll just be doing a lot of circling. Of course the drawback is that, unlike fast reflex wings, you can’t slow it down nearly as far so some of that speed will come with you for landing. See how to calculate speed at different weights here.

Construction: Looks good. Made by Jojo Wings in the Czech Republic.

Certification & Safety: Not a chance. Take a big collapse on one of these and it’s gonna be “sporty” at best. I’m sure it’ll be tough to GET a collapse on, and any pilot stepping up to this ought to darn well fly in a way that makes collapses extremely unlikely. But if you’re doing bizarre stuff and unloading the wing, I wouldn’t leave earth without a reserve.

Overall: What fun! It’ll eat up the ham-handed as much as it will reward the 3D explorer. PPG3 pilots only. And be careful with torqy machines in light wind. You’ll be running pretty fast and if you let yourself get twisted it will be pretty easy to fall. That’s part of why I’d recommend it only for experienced flyers.