Air Conception has been building the Ultra line for at least 4 years as of this writing and is imported to the USA by Paratour USA. They have updated the super lightweight Ventor motor to make powerful yet lightweight paramotors and accessories. Liberal use of Titanium helps keep their products light and strong. This belt-drive model comes with the same power but at a lower price by doing away with electric start and clutch for those who can live without those features.

The machine that I flew was a pull-start belt drive 130cc with 51″ prop weighing approximately 45 pounds empty. 75 degree air and a light breeze made reverse launching my 135 pound self easy. I flew it under a Swing Scorpio 24 m² wing.

Weight: This is where it shines so brightly: 45 pounds. That is truly remarkable and, for many, will make it worth the extra money.

Harness & Suspension: The harness has somewhat thin padding but was comfortable enough and very well balanced for both ground handling and flight. Of course being so lightweight helped a lot. It was quite easy to kite the glider while wearing the motor.

Starting : The recoil starter is well placed for ground or inflight starting. It had an issue where the spring was not strong enough to rewind the chord during my test. Thankfully, it was easy enough to start by  hand propping (be careful!). Average stability on the ground during start. The chord is plenty long but the recoil spring could use to be a bit beefier. The starter mechanism is very easy to work on.

Ground Handling & Kiting: Better than average, probably do to the very light weight. Easily hiked up high on back using ground handling straps.

Launch: Straight forward. Seat was easy to get into after takeoff but did not impede run. Power forward should be no problem since the Titanium cage hoop had no hangups for lines.

Climbout: Good climb rate, probably about 300 fpm.

Flight: Comfy with plenty of adjustments to get the hang angle right. Good throttle response of just over 1 second, no cruise control, comfortable grip. The starter is positioned for easy inflight restart although I didn’t try so can’t say whether or not the pull force would make that easy.

Weight Shift:  Easy and effective, with about 6 inches of riser travel.

Torque: Slightly more than average for thrust, I was just barely able to weight shift steer straight at full power and was yawing a fair amount under the wing (body left, wing banked right).

Thrust: Probably in the 125 pound thrust category and with smooth power in the range we like it. Given the weight, this is VERY impressive. The mid range must be dialed in and, on this unit, it was wonderful. I did some low level flying in moderate turbulence (level 3 on the bump scale where 5 is tip collapses on beginner wings) and had no problem. Much below cruise and it will become a bit rough and variable, going in and out of four stroking.

Endurance: No fuel flow test, average gas tank size of about 2 gallons.

Vibration: Average vibration.

Sound: Slightly louder than average. 

Safety: Prop could use more clearance from gas tank but, since the tips extended beyond the curved bottom of the tank it may be less prone to gas-tank contact than the clearance suggests. It would benefit from a safety ring on the cage.

The prop sticks out of the back so lines will be more likely to find their way in. Be lightning quick on the kill switch.

Pull starter pulley well positioned.

Construction: Seems well built and looks very sharp, above average with metal finish. Average motor cooling with no fan.

Reparability: Welding titanium is more difficult than aluminum which is harder yet than steel. Fewer welders will be able to work on it but parts are well stocked in the U.S. Access to everything appears quick and easy.

Transport: Very easy to disassemble with velcro straps holding four cage pieces together. Cage pieces are unique.

Overall: Being light weight is important, especially for new pilots, and this provides remarkable thrust for its light weight. Everyone will appreciate the power when needed. Start with a small prop if possible because the torque twist associated with its higher power could be distracting. Experienced pilots will love the weight shift option: I really enjoyed wrapping it up. It would be a good competition machine for the under 200 lb set and an overall good choice for someone up to about 230 pounds.