Reviewed 2016-03-19, Written 2016-04-24

Gin is one of the more mature paraglider makers with much experience in reflex gliders since they used to make wings for Paramania.

I’m 147 pounds and flew a 24 during mellow conditions on an overcast FL morning with a very light wind.

Handling: Handling is subdued, especially without using the tip steering. Much of that is probably owing to being fairly lightly loaded. This wing is intended for heavier pilots. The tip steering uses bungees so you can find it quickly and it was plenty effective when trimmed fast.

Inflation: I flew it in nearly calm air and it came overhead nicely. So nicely that I was caught off guard a bit and it overflew me. But in true reflex fashion it basically hung there and waited for my wits to be collected into forward speed–you can see it in the picture where it came way overhead and I’m pulling a bunch of brakes. Of course that overfly-and-stay-inflated thing works with no brakes. Had I pulled just a little bit of brake it would be more likely to fold under. If you pull a bunch of brake it behaves pretty well in an overshoot like this. Indeed it did as the next picture shows.

Risers: It has a typical reflex 4-riser system with split A’s and now with PK.

Efficiency: Without actually measuring sink rate at various trimmer settings it’s hard to say but it glided nicely and had plenty of energy in the landing flare.

Speed: No measurements were taken. Hopefully I can sometime get my hands on an appropriately sized model of this wing and do a proper speed test. Having that long trimmer range means that it’s made to go fast.

Small Wings and the Effect of Weight on Speed & Power Required.

Construction: It feels stoutly built, like it would be robust for less-than-perfect surfaces.

Certification & Safety: Most reflex gliders have no certification but this actually does (DGAC) as seen below. It’s minimal, though, showing mostly that the glider passes some load testing and probably basic flying with a paramotor.

Overall: Pilots who want to go fast will appreciate going fast under a solid ride with predictable, subdued handling.

┬áThe Gin Force risers provide conventional control of their latest reflex wing. Everything about this wing felt solid and predictable. However, I didn’t get to try it out fully accelerated plus it was a bit large for my size so I can only give a quick impression.