Anyone can declare themselves an instructor so make sure they are at least certified by the USPPA or USHPA. Even better is that they come recommended by a responsible, trusted pilot. There are a few great instructors that aren’t yet certified but it is up to you to research them more thoroughly. Instructing carries significant risk to the student and we’ve learned a lot about how to minimize that risk.

There are benefits in going to a local part-timer and different benefits from traveling to a full-time school or paying someone to come to your locale. Regardless of your path, ask to use a nationally recognized syllabus (USPPA/USUA or USHPA with additional power material). The USPPA/USUA has one where the student and instructor both initial each area so nothing gets missed.

Other articles in this chapter category offer advice on ways to avoid being suckered into scams from the less-than-scrupulous. 

The PPG Bible does not address cost because it is such a moving target. However, this article gives you a realistic look at what you’ll spend while providing a downloadable spreadsheet to plug in your own numbers.

Make sure whatever school you choose subscribes to and best practices for teaching paramotor.