Now, four years since my first flight, I have discovered a new appreciation of your work and truly admire the wonderful book you have given to us and the many others yet to follow. Words can’t describe the respect I have for the body of work you have laid down. As you wrote and checked and re-checked each phase, page, description and graphic, I can only imagine your concern that someone would criticize or find flaws in your work. To the contrary, your book is by far the best written and graphically depicted manual I’ve ever accessed in my 50 plus years. I’ve read books from “how to”, perform every task within a home to, “how to” build an entire home and not one book has ever come close to the clear and thorough way you write and teach. Without your first edition book, I would have never learned to fly, at least in PPG.

   – James Y.

Hey Jeff! As I get closer to my first solo I keep going back and reading your book. It makes more sense now that I’m familiar with the basics. I really am blown away by the encyclopedic array of information across so many disciplines. As a former math major, I love the physics and nuts and bolts tidbits scattered throughout the pages. Once again, great Job!
   – John H.

VERY nicely done, definitely the most in depth book I’ve ever seen on PPG…I’m at the “advanced techniques” section now; interesting to see an analysis (first I’ve ever seen) of how we do some of the things we do.
    – Dana H.

Just wanted to tell you I just finished reading the PPG Bible. You’ve done a great job and it’s a real service to the whole foot-launched community and not just PPG flyers. I wish I had it when I was considering getting into the sport, but I’m glad I have it now.
    – Fred L.

I have just read your book, it’s a masterpiece! One really doesn’t need another PPG book. Thanks!
    – Aurthur L.

I just got a copy of Jeff Goin’s Powered Paragliding Bible. I’ve read about a third of it and scanned the rest. Like most of Jeff’s work it’s very well done and I’d highly recommend it to all PPG pilots. It has the best discussion of airspace and laws regarding flying that I’ve seen. Touches on some issues we have here such as the need to stay well above wilderness areas and how the FAA and courts have defined “congested area.” Excellent information on all aspects of launching, flying, landing, and equipment. I wish that I’d had it when I was thinking of getting started in PPG, but I’m glad I have it now.
    – Fred (from newsgroup)

I finished the book and it was every bit a good as I expected it would be. Congrats!!! My favorite feature is the how you can master section 1 only 6 chapters and learn to solo, master section 2 only 8 chapters and safely fly on your own, and master the rest of the book and know just about all their is to know about ppg. There is tons of stuff I learned, my favorite was how to attach flags/banners using fishing swivels. I always wondered how people did that.
    – Don M.

I’ve just received my first copy of your book–and what a book it is! I can’t think of a single thing about PPG you left out. Congratulations on the fruit of your hard work; it is such a blessing to have you on this earth and in this hobby! 
Good work, Jeff, and thanks! 
    – Robin R.

    Wow, I just received my signed copy of the Powered Paragliding Bible from Jeff Goin. Jeff has been working on this for several years and, as a training manual for PPG and even PG pilots, it’s a wealth of information, and it’s very, very well done. Clearly Illustrated with loads of great ideas and tips. Kiting and launching skills are key to being successful with a PPG,
and the information crosses directly to PG pilots as well. I give this book 2 hearty thumbs up.
    I just wish this book was available back when I started. I learned a bunch of things I never knew. In retrospect they make perfect sense. This is a must read for every PPG or wanna be PPG pilot. Even as an accused know it all, I found loads of useful information in it.
    – Stu C.

I’m working my way thru your remarkable book & enjoying every page. It is by far & away the best book ever on the subject.
    – Don J.

Great job in getting this fine accomplishment done. I am enjoying the book tremendously. 
    – Mo S.

    It’s here! arrived yesterday, and very nice indeed. Thank you, much appreciated 
    – Mark D.

    Outstanding book. Absolutely the best written reference for PPG enthusiasts ever written! I already purchased three copies and gave them to my current students. In the future, I will include this book as a portion of my training curriculum.
    – Britton S.

    I am learning things on almost every page, wondering how I survived my first 50 hours and generally enjoying the wealth of information.  Much of what I have learned on my own has been piece-meal over time.  Reading your book is giantly clarifying – filling in missing pieces and often helping with the “why” not just the “what”. – 
    So far I have decided to change my get-in-the-seat action to a one-handed process, stop SQUEEZING my A lines during forwards, change my caribeaners so the point to the center and a few other things.  And I’m only as far as “First Flight”!!
    It really is a PPG Bible! 
    – Michael P.

Great book, great info – Alex D.

    Just received my copy of “The Powered Paragliding Bible” What a tremendous job you have done! Dude, I mean you put a lot of work, effort and time into this and it turned out fantastic. I think you need a well deserved vacation!!!!!!
    – Steve D.

    First at all let me thank you among all my students recent and future for the job you done with the book. This fills out the whole that US PPG sport needed for years. Thanks to you we can fly safely and lot more educated and has more fun. So thank you again. 
    Thank you again for the great tool you provide all people with either instructors or newcomers.
    – Jiri S.

Jeff, book arrived this weekend.  Worth the wait.  Absolutely love it.  Great job!!
    – Dave W.

Great book!  Good work!
    – Dana E.

    I wanted to be among the first to Congratulate you on such an Excellent publication ! This will definitely be the Cornerstone for Power Paragliding. You have done an outstanding job of putting this together. Such a mind boggling job to organize all the material included in this manual and it looks great and flows smoothly.
    I received mine yesterday and couldn’t put it down for about three hours !
    Can’t wait to start again…..Thank you for all your efforts!
    – Terry L. C.

Got the new book yesterday  GREAT JOB!  Thanks and fly safe.
    – Mike C.

I received my PPG Bible today in Alaska! It is AWESOME!!! Thanks loads,
    – Paul D.