The symphony was a common beginner wing that was sold with the early DK motors. I only flew it about 10 times and don’t remember the sizes. 

1997 DK/Hathor Symphony nick scholtes on radio with fred edmiston doing reverse inflation

Handling (2): This is a beginner wing in handling and, as such, is very forgiving. It takes a lot of brake pull to turn.

Inflation (10): Great. One of its endearing qualities was that it would inflate and kite easily in very light winds. Launching was therefore pretty easy.

Efficiency (1): Glide is terrible. It ties the original Reflex for the worst glide performance of any wing I’ve tried. It required so much power that my little direct drive Fly 75 barely got me aloft.

Speed (7): If you’ve got the horsepower, this is a pretty fast wing.

Construction (5): Seemed to hold up well enough.

Certification & Safety (5): It’s a DHV 2 from probably 1995. The 2 was apparently due to some issue with a B-Line stall. In every other way it felt like a DHV 1 glider to me. It didn’t handle turbulence well, I’m told, but I never noticed anything on the few flights I had in light bumps (level 2). 

Overall: Tolerable as a beginner glider if you don’t mind very heavy brake input and burning a lot of fuel.