for sale. After adjustments, $62,000. 60,000 miles.

Update: Sold!

A new chapter for at least a while. We’re selling “Enterprise C”, and have created a description (with some nostalgia) video. I know, I probably shouldn’t have included the kiting a paraglider on it (see video), but it’s a fun history and I really want to be up-front so buyers know what to expect.

Payment must be made with a cashier’s check at a bank, or wire transfer, before the title can be transferred.

The video’s script is below. When it sells, this page will be updated. Some notes first.

    1. There is GPS navigation because we upgrades the radio to also get SeriusXM satellite.
    2. The described water damage was from leaving the kitchen faucet dripping while I went paramotoring for an hour. Thankfully, the motorhome was on a crowned road so water damage was limited mostly to the kitchen countertop which swelled just to the left of the faucet.

This is our 2013 Winnebago View 24J with just under 60,000 miles. We bought it in Ft. Meyers new in 2013. It has powered adventures all over the US, Canada, and Mexico, serving as an aircraft carrier: carrying 2 paramotors and providing flight to the where’s of our whims. And sometimes other paragliding shenanigans.

After nearly 20 years of trotting about North America in 3 different motorhomes, we are taking a break. Given that this is supposed to be a good time to be selling, here we are, offering our mobile little slice of paradise for $69,000 minus adjustments, covered shortly.

No, I’m not very good at marketing because we have not cleaned it from our last trip but I wanted to get this out there. Hopefully someone else can start their own adventure.

This motor home is ready to go right now. Nothing needed. But I want prospective buyers to know everything that I know, so there are no surprises.

The kitchen serves as a great way to cook food, repair propellers, and do other useful bits. There’s a surprisingly amount of room once the slide is out. But even with the slide in it’s roomy enough to move around in.

We chose the dinette arrangement so we could put extra monitors on the table for a truly mobile work-at-home office. Yes, you can tape monitors to the table and they don’t tip over.

It has a 3.2 kw Onan diesel generator. Propane is standard but we insisted on diesel to better enable all the boondocking. Propane can be a lot harder to find than diesel.

The generator runs great—so great that it requires pulling this knob to stop. In 2019 it quit responding to the shut-off signal. Camping world of Tampa installed this cure after explaining that it would otherwise cost about $2000 for an overhaul of the generator. It would also fix a small amount of oil drip, but it’s something we could endure. We have discounted the price by $2000 as a result of this.

The NADA Guide suggests average retail with the included options of $68,970. Call it $69k.

We think most actual humans would value GPS navigation at only about $100 given the ubuiquity of phone apps, so have reduced it by another $2000. Probably more useful than the navigation, though is satellite radio and working bluetooth. The backup camera works through the dash radio, too.

That brings it down to $65k.

We never once watched over-the-air TV so don’t know if that works. Same with AM/FM radio. There are two missing antennas up top although the TV antenna is there. Assume they will need to be replaced.

There are some minor plastic damage, and one of the plastic skirt braces came off but it’s still plenty strong. Thankfully, we have the brace, but never had it put back on. It’s under the forward dinnette seat.

There’s some water minor water damage to the counter top where the kitchn fawcette is. It’s been repaired but you can still see it.

The MCD double blinds at the dinette need to be replaced.

There’s a small repaired crack on the windshield, low and in front of the driver.

There will be other small insults, the results from 7 years of play.

For these things we’re reducing the price by another $3k. That brings the price down to $62k. Remember, the starting price was for a USED motorhome. It’s never perfect.

In 2017 it got a bunch of new stuff on top after a hailstorm. We were in it. That was fun. But the insurance rocked it and it actually came out ahead.

It has VERY handy cab blinds that all work.

It drives as well as the day we bought it, with the normal amount of squeaks, rattles, and vibrations that are endemic of moving apartments. It likes 63 mph but will certainly go faster.

We had tire inflators added to make inflation easier.

The tires are less than 2 years old as best we can remember.

On the first trip out, we added a sewer hose carrier since one is not included. Apparently you’re supposed to carry that nastyiness in a bin.

There is a 2 inch reciever.

You can get all the specs on the motorhome online. The Title calls it a 2013 model but it’s built on a 2012 Sprinter Chassis.

Since we only interested in very serious buyers, we’re treating it like a yacht. No test drives unless someone is otherwise committed to buying it, requiring $200 to go drive – an amount that will be deducted from the purchase if you buy. Sorry about that but time is our most precious commodity.

For information, please contact me using Thanks for your interest!