Can you ever have too many wheels? 8 is enough.

Photos by Kevin Kanarski

I also got to try something I’ve wanted to do for years but was never willing: the roller blade launch. There’s plenty of video and Kevin’s still shots are featured below.

The challenge was actually pretty minimal due to soft ground. But then, with all the video cameras rolling, that was fine by me. It’ll be much tougher with hard ground although I learned some necessary techniques. No matter how it’s sliced, risk is high for a cage whack.

Bringing up the wing reversed required a “snow plow” stance with the skates towed inward. That allowed me to resist the pull during inflation. Turning and running were no problem in the soft grass and, I gotta tell ya, the foot drag that followed was pure fantasy!

Coming around for more taxi tests was interesting since my machine leans back a lot and my feet wanted to squirt out ahead. One behind the other was helpful but those boots don’t lend themselves to bending so it was more difficult than with regular shoes. It was sufficiently fun that I’ll try it again. Having a 45 pound Top 80 machine made handling the motor easier, too.

It’ll also be fun to be on the skates and use the wing like a traction kite. I’ll be curious to see how that works out. I might be investing in pads.

Check this time out in LIGHT winds.