2013-Mar-05 This is a multi-purpose device that, besides offering the usual RPM/CHT/EGT/Time, it most uniquely, adds a fuel level indicator system. The fuel tank pickup gives fine level measurements using an ingenious tube-in-tube sensor that goes in through the top of the gas tank. As the fuel level rises, it changes the resistance between the concentric tubes which is read as a fuel remaining. It’s programmable with an alarm for CHT or EGT limits and warns you about low fuel at approximately 15%.

Works with most two strokes and nearly all gas tanks.

I haven’t gotten to fly with the device but will report on it when I get the chance. It’ll take the average person at least a couple hours to get everything installed and setup but, for about $60, the distributor will install and set it up for you.

Search for the meter by name to find the current seller Here is a descriptive video.