Thanks to Kevin Douglas for the note which we verified.

Another fraudulent international website has popped up purporting to sell paramotor gear. It was brought to my attention by Kevin Douglas and I checked with one of the manufacturers listed and they indeed they do not wholesale to this company. It looks very much like another scam site listed below.

DO NOT USE www.paramotors – glider . com (spaces added to avoid increasing their search standing).

The scam is simple, they get your money and you get nothing. Being in a country with minimal consumer protection mechanism there’s no practical recourse. It’s the hard reality of buying online from unknown sources.

Kevin, who alerted us, said he asked for proof of inventory and never heard back from them. Eventually they will come up with a way to show pictures of inventory, though, so “buyer beware!”

Paramotor –

Same is true with Paramotors – Thanks to John Pratt for the info.

You may find these people if you search for “” but the site is ““. They show on page one of Google, too, when searching for “Paramotor Engines for sale.”

Would you send money overseas for a big-ticket item? Maybe, if it’s a company with a spotless reputation but, even then I’d be leery.

Sending money to a company with little reputation based primarily on their website is absolute folly. There is an outfit in Indonesia called Paramotors-engine, not although don’t be surprised if they eventually reserve that one, too. It has a polished and plausible web site with working options for wire transfers that purports to sell Parajet, Air Conception and others for a price too good to be true. Sure enough, it’s not true–they’re a scam.

Parajet apparently gets a call once a month or so from people who have sent big money to these guys and unfortunately there’s nothing anyone can do at that point.

This is one more reason to buy local from someone with a sound reputation, ideally your instructor, if at all possible. Even more than all the practical and social reasons for doing so, a good, thorough instructor DESERVES it!

2016-04-04 We got an email from someone asking about this site. They did some research, namely asking one manufacturer (Air Conception) about the site who also said that it’s a scam.