As of version of Google Earth 7.2 there is a Flight Simulator. It may not be apparent if you’ve never used it but read on.

If under the “Tools” menu there is no “Enter Flight Simulator” selection, enter “Lilienthal” in the “Fly To” box. This only works the very first time you do it. Once you have found the flight simulator the first time, you can get to it 
in future via the TOOLS menu.

You have a choice of two different aircraft (F16 or SR22), and a large choice of airfields to start from, or start from the current location on view. Before you click on START FLIGHT, first click on HELP for a list of keyboard shortcuts.

The simulator is meant to be easy to fly, even for non-pilots. There are no complicated engine-start or takeoff procedures – simply add power (press the PAGE UP key) and off you go. Once you’ve found a nice vantage point, you can use the space bar to pause the simulator and enjoy the view for a moment. Then, keep your location constant while you look around using the CTRL and arrow keys. Flying is easiest with mouse controls (or a joystick 
if you have one), but the full set of keyboard controls gives you greater functionality.

They even provide a user guide with keyboard shortcuts.