Freeflight Instructor Gabe Jeb seriously hurt at free-flight site

Sunday afternoon, Feb 18, well known Torrey Pines instructor Gabe Jeb was injured while soaring at a popular hill near San Diego. He had brought a group of students to Otay Mesa in southern California. Conditions were reported to be moderately windy with light thermic activity. According to USHPA representative Tad Hurst, he was flying a competition wing, the Paratech P8.

Gabe, a highly experienced acro pilot and instructor, apparently took a collapse shortly after launch. It spun him around and into the hill. He was initially unconscious and was subsequently air lifted to a nearby hospital.

Gabe has been recently getting into more motor flying and performed some Acro maneuvers at the Paratoys Salton Sea event.

He suffered numerous broken bones and a punctured lung but is expected to fully recover. We wish him quick healing and look forward to his return.