Unfortunately, no, it’s Probably Not Legal To Fly From There

Even if you have permission from the landowner, it may well not be legal for you to fly. Nobody will likely care, but if they do, there is probably a law. Many counties prohibit flying from anything other than an airport and, although local law enforcement may not know about it, rest assured, when complaints come in they’ll figure it out.

The noisier, more obnoxious, or repetitive your flying is, the more attention it garners and the more likely you’ll earn a cease and desist order.

Don’t feel bad, entire countries are this way. The good thing is that they probably have neither the interest nor the desire to waste manpower on you. Most likely the national law officially declares anything that carries a person to be an aircraft but they still ignore us. That, of course, doesn’t mean it’s legal.

And just because you’ve been flying there for years doesn’t mean much. Very, very few beaches can legally be flown from and every single one of those that I’m aware of has either added a law or started enforcing a law.

The beach that Dell Schanze got us kicked off of was like this. He and his cohorts pissed off the locals so much that they FOUND a law to employ. Rest assured, they know about Dell.

So tread lightly on your favorite sites and be kind to the neighbors.

Law defining aircraft. This Lakeland, FL ordinance is common in counties, it includes everything from paper airplanes to 747’s